Cisco Pro AM Golf Tournament – South Africa

Venue IPTV Event Deployment

Project Brief

  • To provide a temporary IPTV set up for a VIP golf event. A network of screens with media players required to show room and guest information, images, videos, playlists, daily timetables and a live scoring leaderboard across three competitions running simultaneously.


  • Enabledware’s IPTV solution Venue was installed on a laptop and connected to the local LAN. This acted as the central media server for the event as well as managing the IPTV and digital signage.
  • A template was developed and implemented to manage live leaderboard scoring for all three competitions. These leaderboards for each competition course were also displayed individually and combined.
  • Cisco DMP 4310 and wireless DMP 4400 devices were connected to all displays.
  • Enabledware provided staff to operate the screens throughout the event.


  • The tournament was a huge success. Being able to provide all attendees up to date scoring information digitally was much preferred instead of the slow manual process of updating a tiled scoreboard that was only located in one area of the event. Event staff were very happy to be able to present detailed daily schedules and if required, update them live for any last minute changes. 



  • Cisco
  • Dimension Data

Equipment Used:

  • Enabledware Venue
  • Cisco DMP 4310 Media Players
  • Cisco DMP 4400 Media Players

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