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Venue Software

Enableware’s exclusive web-based solution ‘Venue’ brings together all digital content and automated data feeds to allow users to upload media and display it instantly to any number of end points.

Venue’s content management intuitive software provides the user a friendly and simple to use interface.

This extremely intuitive and powerful software has been developed for over 15 years combining engineering excellence and onsite live event experience.

Venue is device-agnostic and can be programmed to control any IP-based receiver – these include Brightsign, Exterity, Mersive, Cisco & Samsung.

Video upload is very quick and simple to do and automatically transcodes the media to ensure optimal delivery and compatibility with the play out receiver or smart TV.


Take a look at some of the Venue features

Venue is unique in the wide variety of content it can grab, convert, combine and deliver. The upload process is quick and will automatically transcode videos to ensure optimal delivery and compatibility with media players.

Stream any content to a single media player, group of players or an entire network within one easy drag and drop interface. Media players can be added to multiple groups and displayed in bespoke views providing ultimate flexibility when managing different events and large numbers of displays.

A clear browser-based control panel makes Venue very simple to use. It can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world with web connectivity. In addition, playout can be controlled using IP phones, tablets, room control systems, smart phones and IR remote controls.

Venue has the ability to ingest, analyse and display live data feeds such as sports, news, weather, social media, currency rates, stock prices, transport information, EPoS and more. Data can be presented in real time graphically alongside digital signage and video.

Build playlists either full screen or within a multi zone template. Template zones can play independently and be branded automatically based on the media players location. This eliminates the need for building duplicate playlists for different sponsored areas or locations.

Control and integrate with digital signage an unlimited number of IPTV channels across your network. Guests can change channels whilst retaining the digital signage branding. Venue supports Digital Content Protection and encrypted IPTV channels.

Using Agenda Manager, display the current days schedule within your digital signage either using Venue’s built in calendar or live data from your BMS. Information is updated in real time so you can ensure the displays will be up to date even if there are last minute changes. Information can be displayed outside meeting rooms to inform staff or guests on room availability and scheduled use.

Control feature rich information kiosks using Venue. Kiosks can include interactive wayfinding, links to online merchandise stores, ticket reservations, live event information from the Agenda Manager, digital signage, VoD, IPTV channels and dynamic data.

The Wayfinding feature provides the ability to display dynamic maps and information based on a screen’s location. Users can upload maps and animated pointers and combine for each location. These maps can be included in a playlist alongside dynamic data.

Multiple companies can operate from a single Venue licence and a single server. All companies can manage their own screens and media via secure logins and can share content if required based on company configuration. This provides a cost effective solution and limits the requirements for multiple systems.

Venue has integrated Opta Sports feeds for many years, offering a wide range of dynamic data such as match stats, player stats, league tables, latest scores and fixtures across all countries and leagues.

Using the Scoreboard feature, Venue will display a scoreboard and clock graphically to any screen via an easy to manage web or iPad interface. This could range from a large LED Scoreboard or a small scorebug for live streaming.

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