IPTV Installation – Leicester City

Enabledware’s Venue IPTV Deployment

Project Brief

  • IPTV solution to serve all newly installed concourse screens for fan engagement. Ability to display digital signage, videos, live channels and data feeds. Content should be able to playback full screen and within custom built templates.
  • Added ability to manage an internal channel (LCFC TV) and playout live to the concourse.


  • IPTV Headend Installed
  • IPTV Servers, Encoders and Gateway Installed with connections from existing satellite receivers and digital tv antenna to provide network based live channels
  • IPTV media players connected to each display and local network
  • Installed control PC to manage media players and playback
  • Vision Mixer and Video Hub installed to produce a live channel video source. This was connected to an Encoder to provide the LCFC TV live channel on the local network.


  • Having control of all content that is displayed within the concourses and suites in key to the matchday operation at the stadium. Allocating displays to Home and Away supporters changes on a match by match basis and being able to control which relevant content to each is valuable. LCFC TV are also able to create their own matchday show to run alongside other live TV matches to and mixed to ensure LCFC ads are played out during breaks and not the broadcasters.



  • Leicester City FC
  • OMM Technology

Equipment used:

  • Enabledware Venue
  • Exterity Media Players
  • Exterity Encoders
  • Exterity Gateway

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